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This is Not Just a Business
It’s a Social Cause

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BE SAFE Forever is a Concept which comes in state to empowered Women.

Global Axis Alliance “GA+” which is a Part of Gadget Analyst India “GA+” for the Production and Selling of Goods. We Introduce Such products those are essential for Society.

We have started with the BE SAFE Forever Self Defense Pepper Spray for Personal Safety and Protection that give you confidence to feel that “YES” you are safe and you can fight for yourself, gives you feeling to take step forward to build your future.

After a Great Success and Pleased by the Marketeers now we entered in the Health Care Products in which we have BE SAFE Forever Anti Pollution Face Mask,
BE SAFE Forever Apple Cider Vinegar  

Trend Score of our Products

Self Defense Pepper Spray 90%
Anti Pollution Mask 85%
Apple Cider Vinegar 60%

Achievement and Rewards

2018 –Featured in Top 20 Most Promising Business Consultant, Silicon India
2019 – Women Influence Award,
Amour Convention and Resorts, Gurugram. Garnet & Gold
2019 – Most Inspiring CEO of the Year

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