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How often can you use a sleep mask?

To be straight, how often you need to use an eye mask depends on your usage requirement. For example, if you are a night owl and like to study during the night only or you work at night time and get to sleep only during the day. You need some blind curtains and an eye mask to keep the sunlight away from your bed.

If you are a frequent traveller, you go travelling in flight, trains, different hotels every day then it is a necessity for you and you will notice that you have to use it a night as well as day.

Benefits of using eye masks during your daily sleeping routine.

  • Block out maximum lights 
  • Alternative to blackout curtains 
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Gives more time to sleep

How often do you need to use it? This is the answer you better have for yourself, if you want to take a nap at noon and some sunlight is disturbing your sleep, just wear an eye mask and get a good, nice naap. Most people use it wherever they are feeling to get a good sleep. It is just like a companion to you just like your pillow it will be a part of your sleeping routine.

As often you use it it will be more beneficial for your habit formation and quickly you will be adaptable to it and you will get more good quality sleep and once you enter a good sleep cycle trust me your health will be blooming day by day.

Here are a few suggestive situations when you can use an eye mask in your daily routine.

  • Travelling by flight or train
  • Changing hotels more often
  • Lack of darkness in your room
  • Bright lamps during your sleep
  • Sunlight facing windows

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