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Pepper spray – a self defense tool

Well to be honest there are many self defence weapons available in the market these days but are they all safe? Are they all legal to carry anywhere? Do they have the same effects on you as well or they can make you in more trouble? 

We are here to give you answers to these in this article, it will help you counsel your needs and after reading this i guess you will be able to choose the best for yourself.

So first if we talk about criterias on which we would like compare some weapons are

  • Mobility

There are tools like shotgun, knife etc for self defence but they are easy to carry answer is no but pepper spray is so easy to harry that can fit into your pocket or side of your bag and legal to carry in metro and buses.

  • After effects

Pepper spray as a tool has after effects which includes contaminating the area air and polluting the are which it was sprayed so in order to prevent that you have to move away from the are in which you have spared 

  • Price 

Others options in self defence tools are very costly and need not to be consider if the prices of it are so cheap it doesn’t even costlier than a single lunch bill at a cafe

  • Accessibility 

I know some weapons are just available in your kitchen but pepper spray are just available in your nearest drug store, easy to buy makes it super accessible to women and people needing them in an emergency.

Pepper spray is not just a tool to hurt someone it ensures you protection of your loved ones, imagine you walking down the street alone at night an there‚Äôs no one with you, won’t you missing your best friend, brother or parents, it acts like a guardian for people in times of incidents, our motive is to make you aware that even if you are not in danger today you should at least carry a pepper spray bottle with you and educate other people the benefits of it, staying safe is not an option it’s a necessity for survival.

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