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Pepper spray vs Tasers: what’s better?

Pepper spray and taser are both used as a self-defence tool 

  • Pepper spray can temporarily blind the attacker for a few minutes but it guarantees that it won’t harm anyone permanently while tasers have a risk involved for getting a cardiac arrest your attacker.
  • Pepper spray can be sprayed from a distance which means you can avoid an attack before getting it near you but a taser only can be used when the other person is close to you.
  • Both have immediate results but it is important to consider the efficiency and pepper spray gets an edge in it.
pepper spray

Things to consider while choosing between tasers and pepper spray:

  • Number of usages
  • Range 
  • Distance 
  • Portability
  • Effectiveness
  • Strength 
  • Price 

Pepper spray :

Pepper spray comes in a can which you can use two to three times, it affects human eyes, ears, skin, and nose, it normally affects for two hours and its range is 3-5 feet which is very good compared to taser, no reloading is required in this product and it is super easy to use and carry with you and being a legal product you can carry it anywhere with you.

Taser: tasers are electronic controlled devices, it is a handheld product with electrodes at the end, that gives a little shock or disruption to the skin and musical which causes neuromuscular incapacitation, the range is not very far but its at least an arm’s length, while taser gun needs to reload after every shot and pole needs to be recharge after few seconds of usage, it is a bit pricey than pepper spray also not very easily available and heavy to carry.

Here we tried to give you a small differentiation between two self-defence weapons. 

Now it depends on your requirement and purposes,

Both of them are non-lethal so you can choose between them according to your need.

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