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Sleeping Mask: Uses, Benefits & Myths

Understand this, eye masks just provide an environment for your eyes and mind so they can go into a state which is calm and warm which makes you go into sleep deeper with every minute.

Good night’s sleep is a must and for great sleep, it is also a must to have the dimmest environment in the room in which you are sleeping, darkness is an important factor for improving better sleep but it is not always possible to get same.

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Here are a few suggestive situations when you can use an eye mask in your daily routine.

  • Travelling by flight or train
  • Changing hotels more often
  • Lack of darkness in your room
  • Bright lamps during your sleep
  • Sunlight facing windows

To be exact, an eye mask has lots of benefits which we could count. There are directly or indirectly so many psychological advantages that we can ever imagine because you should never underestimate the power of good sleep


Benefits of using Eye Masks:

  • Block out maximum lights 
  • Alternative to blackout curtains 
  • Improves quality of sleep
  • Gives more time to sleep
  • Helps in reducing dark circles
  • Maintains better sleep cycle
  • Energetic during daytime
  • Improves health 
  • Calms your mind before sleep
  • Travel essential 


What happens if you use an eye mask on a regular basis?

  • First few adjustment days

Every great journey starts with a struggle, surely wearing an eye mask while you sleep will be a difficult task to catch on to, so yes it will take some time to fit in your mental place. For a tip, we would advise you to just put on a mask just before you go to sleep. It would take 3-5 days to become familiar with it.

  • Next good days

Once your eyes and mind settle with their existence it won’t be a struggle anymore but a blessing which will keep you wide awake at night, no more looking at walls or overthinking about people it will just slightly put you to sleep without you even noticing.

  • Finally a habit 

Let me warm you there‚Äôs no going back, if you are lacking the environment of good sleep in your room, you won’t be switching off the eye mask again, you will feel more relaxed than ever and a good sleep will help you energise your day time and you have to keep coming back to bed with your sleeping mask.

Now there are many types of eye masks available.

  • Cloth eye mask
  • Gel eye mask
  • Cushioned eye mask
  • Heated eye mask
  • Weighted eye mask

Here we are providing a few questions whose answers might help you decide if you need an eye mask or not.

  • Does your partner keeps his side of the lamp on while sleeping
  • Do you often sleep during day time?
  • Do you have blackout curtains?
  • Does your sleeping environment dark enough for you?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Do you overthink a lot before sleeping?
  • Are you afraid of closing your eyes?
  • Do you like to keep lights on during your sleep but can not sleep because of it?


Eye masks aren’t only good for sleep but also they are good for your health, facing the lights 24*7 is not good for your eyes and skin and if anyhow you have to be in the light most of the time then an eye mask is a gift for you it creates a barrier between your sleepy eyes and bulbs hence creating a great healthy environment for you making your skin glow and healthy from good hours of quality sleep.

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