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Which eye mask is best for sleeping?

If you are looking to buy a good sleeping eye mask for yourself, it could be challenging, there are various types of eye masks available on the market.

Some of them are :

  • Cloth eye mask

Cloth eye marks are made up of different fabrics like silk, velvet, cotton, fleece etc. these different fabrics have different benefits and people love using cloth eye masks because of the variations to choose from. If you like warmth you can choose velvet and if you do like smoothness silk would be perfect best.

  • Cushioned eye mask

These are the most comfortable to feel during your sleep as they have memory foam cushions they are best to provide support while sleeping through the different stages of the night 

  • Gel eye mask

Gel eye masks, also known as cooling eye masks are one of my favourites and I am sure all water babies love this product as it provides coolness to just feel like you are on the beach with rainy weather. Gel eye masks also help in reducing itching around the eyes and dulling dark circles.

  • Heated eye mask

These are usually used for medical purposes like for some eye treatment or after surgery, it generally provides heat and warmth to the eyes. It stimulates the eyes and provides heating to the eye area.

  • Weighted eye mask
BESAFE Forever Premium Sleeping Eye Mask with mesh for men and women 3
BESAFE Forever Premium Sleeping Eye Mask with mesh for men and women

Some people just love the weight, weighted blankets and pillows work on the same theme. They provide little weight to your eye area and people feel calm in this sensation.

The main purpose of an eye mask is to block the light and provide you with an environment which is best suitable for your sleep. As you can get from their name and description they are very different in their usage. So the way to choose a good eye mask is to know your needs and style.

If we talk especially about sleeping that is depending from person to person. Some people like silk warmth on their eyes, a few people enjoy the coldness of gel eye masks when they sleep and different styles are adapted by different people.

So what you basically have to do is to understand your needs and what comfort zone you want to be in while sleeping.

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