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Can I use an eye mask every night?

If you are asking if you can use the eye mask on a regular basis then the simplest answer to this is YES, you can. Eye masks are addictive. It is not a pill which will create a side effect or this is not any other night massager or gummy, it is just a modern cloth to be wrapped around your eyes before going to sleep.

It has been used for ages by most people. In earlier times when our ancestors had to keep the fire lit up the whole night to get protection from wild animals, they used to wrap cloth on their eyes. Eye masks are just an advanced and modern version of that concept.

eye mask
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Now there are many types of eye masks available.

  • Cloth eye mask
  • Gel eye mask
  • Cushioned eye mask
  • Heated eye mask
  • Weighted eye mask

The whole new versions are easily available and very easy to use. Eye masks have endless benefits in keeping your sleep and mental state healthy.

It is not just to make your sleep quality better but it directly improves your daytime activities.

Understand this, eye masks just provide an environment for your eyes and mind so they can go into a state which is calm and warm which makes you go into sleep deeper with every minute.

Improving the quality of sleep, Giving more time to sleep, Helping reduce dark circles, and Maintaining a better sleep cycle are some of the benefits of eye masks.

It is not some random gummy which is said to work like a magic and fall you into sleep, it just makes your eyes fall in the darkness of night and makes you sleep like a baby.

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