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Can I use pepper spray as a bear spray?

Of Course yes you can use pepper spray as a bear sprays if you are being attacked by a wild bear or to protect your pet animal if a bear comes for it, pepper and bear sprays works on the same mechanism however BE SAFE pepper spray is designed for humans and bear sprays is specially designed keeping in mind the safety of you and bear both as well.

pepper spray

Pepper and bear spray are the same things. They both are made of Oleoresin capsicum also known as (OC) which is present in the capsicum chili family and has heating agents which give a burning sensation to any mammal whether it is a bear, lion or human.

The only difference between them is concentration percentage while pepper is of higher concentration than bear consisting of 10-15% in a range which is useful in all cases. Having a high concentration percentage doesn’t mean it will give a higher burning sensation rather it will stay longer than the other.

So if you want to get safely out of a bear attack and also do not want the bear to suffer for a longer time at the place, which is also what our human thoughts tell us, we should also take bear one along with pepper spray.

Animals and humans both are sensitive to chilli burn and we should also consider the fact animals do not have any instant treatments to get relief and will be in pain for a few hours so even if we want to spray them for our safety we should consider giving them the least time of pain.

If you are a jungle walker, adventurer, or stay near to a forest you might be very prone to animal attack and you are not sure if you should get a chilli or bear spray we would recommend you to get a pepper spray because it will help you to deal in any situation and case if you can afford the both best is to have them both at your side to be safe and secure while keeping the nature and animal life in mind.

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