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Does pepper spray hurt humans?

Pepper spray is a private protection tool which usually comes in use for self-defenses against any physical harassment or crime.

Since it contains most of the agents which have high heating properties, it will cause irritation and a burning sensation in the infected person’s throat and eyes.

Oleoresin capsicum, Hot chilly-pepper extract which is the main compound in pepper spray manufacturing, can cause swelling, intense burning, redness, itching, temporary blindness for at least 30 minutes in the eyes and mild coughing which leads to difficulty in breathing.

pepper spray

Yes, it does hurt humans for a short period but it is made only for this reason to buy a victim some time so that they can escape the danger safely.

As it does hurt human eyes and throat still it is considered to be safe for usage and legal to manufacture, sell and use in public.

The majority of studies have shown it to be safe and non-toxic, According to the Journal of Visual Science eye exposure to OC is not harmful and there is no evidence yet which says pepper spray causes long-term vision problems.

 Here are a few tips from which one can help provide relief from pepper spray burn:

  • Use an ice pack immediately – Covering the ice pack over your eyes can help in relief.
  • Flush out some of the pepper sprays by blinking your eyes rapidly and making more tears out from your eyes.
  • Drop milk eye drops into the eyes – milk is an effective pain reliever because the milk fat stops the nerve endings in your eyes.
  • Use “no tears” baby shampoo – it is sensitive enough not to cause any further irritation to the eyes and will help remove the oil.
  • Do not use old soap. Using a cleaner such as a shampoo, or hand soap, will help remove the oil from the eyes.

The bottom line is pepper spray is the safest option available in the market it doesn’t mark any permanent damage to the other person and provides you with a

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