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Is pepper spray legal in India?

In these modern times where security is a major concern for each person, what can a woman do if gets caught in any horrifying incident?

As the crime rate against women has increased in the past few years isn’t it a right of every woman to protect themselves if there is a delay in police respondents or unavailability of any help beside them?

As per law there is nothing in law which can classify it as an illegal substance, as long as it is used in a danger, therefore carrying a pepper sprays is fully legal in India and totally in your defense rights”.

pepper spray

It is used as a self-defenses product which supplements women’s courage to walk down the streets alone at night.

Due to its very budget-friendly pricing, it is very affordable, easy-to-use instructions and compact size make it a popular choice of self-defence tool in 2022.

And following the article facts of ‘Times of India’ in 2021, Delhi police distributed pepper spray among females in the Inner circle area of Cannaught place concerning their security and promoting self-defence techniques.

Although there are a few precautions you must take care while using pepper spray.

  • Use it only in emergency or danger
  • Wash your hands after usage
  • Do not touch your eyes
  • Keep it straight while spraying it

There are various reasons to argue why pepper spray is a legal product including its protective nature of private defence under sections 96–106 of the Indian Penal Code.

Also, it does not contain any kind of substance which is illegal to use, mostly its ingredients contain hot cayenne, chilly or oleoresin capsicum.

Most of the available sprays are made with 100% organic and natural ingredients.

So In conclusion, we can say yes it is Legal and very safe to use if used properly and carefully at difficult times can help buy time and let you escape from danger and no Police action will be taken against such usage.

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