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Does pepper spray stop a pit bull?

Pepper is highly effective against aggressive animals like Pitbulls, bears or fox attacks.

() is one of the most effective pepper spray available on the market, its formula is very high in concentration, and its heating agents provide you with a good time frame to escape from danger.

If you fear pitbull in your friend’s house, you fear it might attack you some day or you work as a mailman or delivery guy and the fear of getting bitten by a pitbull is constant in your mind, 

We would recommend a weapon which is not harmful to both of your species, 

Pepper spray is one of the most recommended non-lethal and non-toxic weapons in today’s modern world abided by laws to prevent nature and not spreading violence.

Pepper Spray
Commander Pepper Spray

Pitbulls are an aggressive dog breed, dogs know their owners they might not be a danger to you but for an unknown person, we all are thieves in his eyes trying to get his meat from his house lol, jokes apart. If you also fear guard dogs just like me and just want protection by your side in case an incident comes across because chances of getting attacked by a pit bull are low but never zero.

Pepper spray is a high intense self-defence instrument, made up of hot chilli capsicum, it is important to know that it creates a lot of burning sensation on skin, eyes etc.

It is very oily in nature that’s why it gets sticks to the skin and does not leave easily, 

It will make a burning sensation in other dogs’ eyes and skin and they will be pawing their face on the ground or glass in the meantime you can escape easily.

But don’t worry the animal will get healed within a couple of hours themselves, it is still a better option than shotgun knives which could kill the attacking animal in no second or just harm them and leave them to die alone for days.

If you fear getting attacked by any animal or human while working, or running down streets to get groceries, you should always have a can of pepper spray by your side because you never know.

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