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Does pepper spray work on snakes?

If you are a jungle wanderer or a hiker, you might feel a need to know how to tackle snakes in the jungle. Will pepper spray be sufficient to avoid a snake?

Pepper spray is sensitive for mammals but not effective for reptiles as much although snake noses and eyes are more sensitive to smells than humans snakes are very small in size before a human and they rattle on the ground so fast that is very difficult to aim pepper spray on them and even if you sprayed a pepper spray on a snake they have a very keen sense of direction they can still bite you while crying with pain. 

So it is advisable for you to walk away and maintain a good distance from a snake rather than just going near it with spray.

Even if it sounds like a good idea, practically it is not sustainable as snakes can still react while being hurt and also if you want to spray a snake if you have to go close to him which might bring you out in his attacking range.

pepper sprayed

Suppose you have a snake in your living room and you want to pepper snake it let’s just imagine that you already sprayed it and it worked it is making the snake’s eyes and nose burn, and the snake is reacting with hurt and pain but now how would you get it out because if you carry it with your hands there are full chances that it can still bite you and if you want to carry it with a snake catcher stick you could have dealt it without getting it sprayed.

We do not completely deny that pepper spray will not work on snakes, it will if you use it from a good distance it will hurt 

There are many other products in the market you can carry along with spray which focus solely only on snakes like snake repellent spray, snake net or snake catcher sticks, which might be more effective than pepper spray.

For some people that might not be the cheapest option and is difficult to carry, so we will advise you to at least carry a spray in your bag or pocket as it is cheap and easy to carry and works on most the mammals.

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