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Has pepper sprays killed anyone?

Pepper spray is no joke, this defense tool is designed to hurt and yes it is so effective at its work that a single pump can make a person down on their knees and beg for relief for about an hour.

The active ingredient in it is oleoresin capsicum, which is very harmful to you and can cause itching and burning for the next few hours if sprayed on your face.

As it can cause many effects in a single spray like:

  • Burning sensations 
  • Skin itching 
  • Difficulty Breathing
pepper spray

Pepper spray is one of the “non-lethal” category defense tools which means it is a type of weapon that can not kill people.

Although it has been seen in one of the investigations that in an arrest 2 people out of 63 were found to be dead while taking them into custody due to major asthmatic problems.

As the investigation moves further, none of the deaths was sole because of pepper spray but it was a contributing factor to the other lung diseases due to high drug usage.

That’s why there are some precautions that one should consider before using pepper spray.

  • Close your eyes while spraying it 
  • Run away from the infected area
  • Wash your hands properly after use
  • Dispose of the pepper spray bottle and towel
  • Do not use it in a closed room

So the answer to this question is simple: a couple of spray pumps do surely have the power to hurt a person but not enough to kill anyone right on the spot.

Until and unless it is used aggressively and with the intent to kill a man.

It is dangerous as much as a knife difference is only the man’s intent whether to peel an apple or murder someone.

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