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Should I shower after being pepper sprayed?

It is the most commonly asked question from us and let me tell you the most important thing not to do after being pepper sprayed.

I know when your face is burning to get into a cold shower seems to be a nice idea.

But it is wrong on so many levels, it will not help but if you take shower after being pepper sprayed immediately, the pepper chilly particular will flow down onto your whole body and your body will be soon burning with chili pepper completely.

Getting into a shower after being pepper sprayed can be a bad idea, it is like putting petrol into a burning car.

If you are pepper spray attacked be calm have patience the pain will automatically reduce within an hour or two 

Splashing cold water only onto your face is a great treatment which can help you get better from burn instead of just showing up in the shower.

Even after splashing the water and getting it wiped from the face and disposing of the towel immediately otherwise, it can spread pepper particles on someone else’s face.

pepper spray

Pepper spray aerosolized canisters range from 2% to 15% in concentration and are oily in nature that’s why it gets sticks to your skin and spreads easily

Most importantly another reason to not take shower after being pepper sprayed is that it can flow down to your genitals, which can cause a serious burning sensation as the skin on the genitals is a little sensitive.

For your safety concern let me give a list of Do’s and DON” Ts :

DON’Ts  after being pepper sprayed?

  • Don’t touch anything
  • Don’t use oil-based shampoo or soap
  • Don’t panic
  • Don’t rub your eyes
  • Don’t take a shower

DO’s after being pepper sprayed?

  • Do get fresh air
  • Do take your contact lens out 
  • Do wash your clothes and body after some time
  • Do wait and stay calm

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