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How do you recover from pepper spray ?

If you are looking for something which can help you recover from pepper spray, this article can be a perfect guide for you.

First of all Do not panic, no not at all, pepper spray does not contain any of the toxic compounds that could damage organs permanently.

You should know pepper spray is a non-lethal and non-toxic product.

Which means it can not kill someone.

pepper spray

If someone from your friends or family is being sprayed, I know that would have been hurting so much but no need to worry,

They would be having burns in their eyes, nose, and skin all over the face, there can be many other symptoms like coughing, difficulty breathing, redness etc.

But panicking will not sort things, Calm them down.

Make sure they have enough water and ice on their face

It will be hurting for a very short time but let me tell you they will get completely normal within an hour. Pepper spray doesn’t burn for more than one or two hours.

Patience and calmness are the best tools you can have apart from some of the remedies or treatments which you can use for instant relief.

Here are some of the instant remedies to recover from pepper spray:

  • Try to catch fresh air
  • Wash your eyes with cold water
  • Use full-fat milk drops into the eyes
  • Do not use oil-based cleaners 
  • Wash your face gently with a non-oil-based soap
  • Avoid standing in that same place, move from the area 
  • Use an ice pack to provide relaxation to your face
  • Saline solution can also help clean the eyes
  • Remove the clothes which may have some hot pepper particles 
  • To remove any ethyl ester acid avoid touching or rubbing eyes
  • If you are wearing contact lenses, remove and dispose of them immediately
  • In case any of any other symptoms visit to your nearest hospital

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