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What is the strongest pepper spray available?

Every pepper spray is made up of Oleoresin capsicum, Hot chilly-pepper extracts consisting of 10-15% in each can. You can use up to single to twice as needed.

There are various pepper spray cans available in the market but we are here to just tell you the best of the best.

There is no basis involved and all of our opinions are trial, tested and well researched for these products you surely choose any of these products and you will not be disappointed.

Here’s our list of recommendations:

  • Secure Shield Pepper spray

When it comes to safety it has proven to be the best pepper spray of all time, there is no denying that it is the king of the pepper spray world and you can use it in your defence without any doubt.

  • Chevalier Pepper spray

This pepper spray is hard to beat, it can cause temporary blindness and a very intense burning sensation on the attacker’s face, it has been known to be the best pepper spray most of the time.

  • Guardian Pepper spray

This pepper spray is a golden product, it is known to be the best product of 2022, it is easy to use and very convenient to carry anywhere.

  • Commander Pepper spray

As its name says, it works just like that like a COMMANDER, it is very powerful, it has the power to bring anybody on the floor within just a few seconds.

Commander Pepper Spray (3)
  • BE-SAFE Pepper spray

Here comes the best product of all time, it has been awarded the best pepper spray of all time and not just it is super strong it is very price relevant, if you are looking for the best it is just right for you.


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