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What are the common uses of pepper spray?

Pepper spray is a self-defence tool containing OC which is present in chilli capsicum plants. It is commonly used by people for their safety in stressful situations.

If we talk about major situations where we can use pepper spray it can be a topic on which we can talk a lot.

Pepper Spray
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Here are some common uses of pepper spray.

Women safety: Let’s start with the safety of women in rural and urban cities which is very stressful these days and it is our responsibility to make women protect against crime.

Wild animals attack: If you are living in an area where animal attacks are very prone, pepper spray is a wonderful tool to stay protected against such attacks like lions, bears etc

Police control: yes you read it right nowadays it has been largely accepted by many major police departments using it while arresting criminals and capturing thieves in the area

Civilian defence: Every civilian has a right to stay protected against any kind of violent attack. It is important for all of us to carry pepper spray to avoid situations which can harm us while not hurting the attacker permanently.

Benefits of using pepper spray :

  • Simple to carry: it is very easy to carry, you can put it in your pocket or side of your bag or it can easily fit in your purse.
  • Easy to use: it does not require any pre-training or it is not so heavy or complex to use, it is just like using a deodorant or perfume on another person.
  • It’s Accessible: you can purchase it from a near store, amazon, Flipkart or BESAFEFOREVER online store, there are so many options available 
  • Effective for self-defence: It is best useful in self-defence situations and effectively use in making attackers down on their knees.
  • Be safer and protected: It helps to give a window of safety for your escape to get to a safer zone easily and stay protected.

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