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How to use pepper spray?

Defence safety is personal so we are here to help you with teaching how to use the best personal safety tool – pepper spray.

Pepper spray comes in a metal bottle with a spray nozzle so that there is never a chance of it getting leaked into your pocket or bag.

We will learn it in two parts, first is how to handle it and the second is how to aim and use it, once you get comfortable handling it will be easier to aim and operate on the attacker.

pepper spray

Here to few tips to learn, How to use pepper spray correctly:

  • Keep it Handy: So first off with it make sure you keep it handy, it won’t do good if it’s down somewhere in your bag or car seat.
  • Learn opening technique: It can have a different opening seal, give it some time and practice carefully to open it with safety instructions.
  • Practice spray: to get control over the emergency situation you need to practice spray once or twice somewhere outside without wind and a face mask on.
  • Keep your eyes closed: before sparing it, make sure of the directions and spray keeping your eyes to avoid getting into your eyes.
  • Get a grip: You need a nice, strong grip in your dominant hand with thumbs on the trigger 
  • Spray and get away: move a little back with each spray you make on the attacker.

If you miss the first time, make sure your aim is right, steady yourself and spray across the whole area of the attacker by moving your arm left to right and back again.

Pepper spray is one of the best safety options because it allows you to protect yourself without getting too close to the attacker and spraying from a distance.

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