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Pepper spray – Women’s safety tool

Women’s safety is the priority for any city or society management and higher rates of crime against women in the capital itself have made people look out for better protection tools for their house women. 

Indeed there are many tools or weapons available in the market and some of them are just available in our kitchens such as knives or wine openers etc but those are very lethal and you can not carry them everywhere in public places.

So on what we can put our trust in, let me tell you an instance of my personal for this, 

My 15 years old cousin had a self-defence safety class in his school last month and do you guys know what he gifted my sister on his 18th birthday last week .. a Pepper spray, can you guys believe it because we couldn’t a tiny human being understood the power of self-defence weapon in a few classes and his responsibility as well.

pepper spray

Yes, pepper spray is a modern weapon in which we can put our trust and money in, it is the only weapon for self-defence which is legal, you can also take it in most public places most importantly it is not a lethal weapon at all.

It is a non-toxic tool which can not permanently damage anyone and it is safe to use on humans, it is made of oleoresin capsicum (OC) which is available in chilli plants, and it gives a burning sensation to the attacker’s eyes and face, it would be difficult to breathe for them and make them down on their knees.

If you are concerned for your safety or your sister or mother just try pepper spray, gift it to them, put it in their purses and educate them how to use it, make people around you familiar to the benefits of using pepper spray and we can make this world a better place together, fighting crime isn’t our duty but defending against is our survival deal.

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