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Does milk help pepper spray?

Well honestly speaking, pepper spray burn can be a big fight to tackle and it is not easy to handle for a while.

But no need to worry, we bring you an instant remedy which will help relieve your burning face in a few minutes.

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A study in 2019 has shown how milk has stacked up against hot spicy burns.

Cold water is also a great remedy to outwit pain but Milk has proved to be outperformed cold water.

The case is a protein which is present in milk, which breaks down capsaicin which is the main ingredient in pepper spray.

Capsaicin doesn’t get dissolve in water it can not break up its molecules, it won’t do the overall trick

but it will make you feel a little bit of relief for a few seconds

It is a known fact that Full cream milk works better than toned milk but it has been proven wrong

because both kinds of milk work approximately the same as each other.

If there is milk available in your refrigerator of any kind it will be useful in helping relax.

If you are wondering if it is safe to put milk drops in your eyes then let me tell,

It is as safe and healthy as drinking milk 

You guys may not know but Kings and queens used to take bath in milk on any special occasions

which was the tradition at that time but nowadays some people still take a milk bath once in a while which benefits in glowing and smooth skin.

Milk is very safe for your face you can use it in your eyes, drink it if you are feeling a burn

in your throat or wash your face with it while dealing with a pepper spray burn.

It would be better to just stay away from incidents which are prone to tear gas or pepper spray burns

but if it still does to you accidentally use any kind of milk it will ease your pain.

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