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Does pepper spray smell?

Well not gonna lie but yes! it does smell unpleasant, what do you expect it is not a room fresher or deodorant.

For pancake’s sake, it is classified as a weapon, a non-lethal but still a non-toxic weapon.

It helps you to get away from the danger, gives you a ray of hope, an open window to escape the crime.

It is so unfair to expect a good pleasant fruity smell from pepper spray.

To be true, there is no time to smell, it is in a gas form which spreads as fast as air or breath.

If you are interested to know how it smells in the beginning as it reaches your nose, let me tell you. 

It smells like most of the oil-based solvents like a car engine or grease but it does have a burning sensation in its smell I fear you might not be able to smell it properly because your nose will start burning before you could smell it due to usage of chilli capsicum peppers in the product.

So basically it will give you an oily gassy engine or aerosol smell for a few seconds then it will get stuck to your nose skin and soon you will start feeling intense pain and sneezing.

pepper spray

Also, companies do not try to add perfumes in it because first, it will make the pepper spray less effective and second, it is not necessary, have you seen any gun which smells good while firing, No right same logic it is meant to hurt and I guess people are fine with its bad odor  

Try to stay away from the area of containment where the pepper spray was sprayed for at least three to four hours, if it happens inside open all windows and doors to get past the fresh air and try treatments (hyperlink) to help relieve.

Our advice will always be the same, do not try to smell the pepper spray. It will give a punch attack which you might not be ready for.

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