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Does pepper spray work on lions?

Pepper spray is best effective on mammals whether it is a bear, lion or tigers.

The best defence tool for defending yourself against any kind of animal attack is pepper spray. Whether it is designed for use against humans or specifically meant for bear or dog attacks, it will be effective against wild animals that attack you or have come for your pets.

Yes, pepper spray can work on lions if used properly and from a good distance and not against the wind. There is also a problem which comes in practicality. Lions are huge and fast. It is very difficult to get a chance while getting attacked by a lion.

Lions are not like bears who come directly for you from the front or back direction, lions hunt hideously, they hide and look at their target for a while and just when you are not in the moment they will attack.

Pepper sprays are made of OC, which causes a burning sensation on the skin, lions being part of the cat family are also sensitive to smell and pepper spray makes them away from you if sprayed on its face, it will make lion’s eyes hurt and it will be rubbing his face in the ground for relief which can give you time to escape, but the trick is you have to quick than him. 

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There are methods which you can use to prevent a lion attack :

  • Look and listen for signs of a mountain lion. 
  • Do not hike alone. 
  • Stay close to your group. 
  • If you see a lion, leave the area
  • Do not approach baby lions.
  • Ask about lion sightings in the area before the adventure.
  • Do not walk on trails during the nighttime.
  • Practice proper storing food, so you don’t draw animals near you.

If you live near a forest, do hunting, or are prone to a lion or any animal attack, we will advise you to at least carry pepper spray in your bag or pocket as it is cheap and easy to carry and easy to use on most of the mammals without getting you in danger.

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