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What happens if you pepper spray a dog?

Pepper spray is a high intense self-defence instrument, made up of hot chilli capsicum, it is important to know that it creates a lot of burning sensation on skin, eyes etc.

It is very oily in nature that’s why it gets sticks to the skin and does not leave easily, 

Now whether it is the skin of any human or animal it will create lots of burning sensation


People are using low-intensity pepper spray as a bear spray to use in the forest during a bear attack. It can help you give time to escape.

Bear spray is tested and safe for use for animals like a bear but it is still had to maintain a lower density of concentration of OC than it.

It is not like it gives a higher burning sensation but it stays on your face for a longer period.

Here’s what happens if you pepper sprays a dog:

  • Redness and itching in the eyes
  • Coughing and sneezing 
  • Difficulty breathing 
pepper spray make you blind

Dogs are man’s best friend but they are also powerful animals and sometimes they can get aggressive, it can put some people in danger like postman, delivery guy etc.

As dog ownership continues to grow, dog attacks continue to grow, it can be due to not providing proper training to their dog.

Pepper spray carried for personal protection from humans is similar to dog deterrent sprays but their formulation is different.

It is the most effective and safest option for deterring an attacking wild dog without causing any permanent harm but spraying a dog for fun is nothing but harassment and crime which can lead you to jail.

We do not recommend using human spray on small dog breeds as it is very high intensity and can harm the dog, there is many dog deterrent spray available in the market which can be more effectively useful than a pepper spray.

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