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Mace or pepper spray: what’s better?

What is pepper spray?

Pepper spray is made of oleoresin capsicum. It is an oil that comes from a plant in the Capsicum family, which is a good source of chilli peppers.

What is mace?

Mace is a brand name. Mace is referred to just talking about pepper spray or tear gas but because of its dangerous chemicals and low impact, the original mace is now out of commission and its new version is only available.

Pros and Con’s of each:

One of the biggest difference between these two is the strength, pepper spray is far way stronger than mace hence provides you immediate effects and more time to be safe, both of them does not give the same reaction as each other and to be said truth pepper spray gives much more effects than mace like coughing and difficulty breathing. The same con of both products is they can also affect the defender if not used properly.

Which is better?

To put it in simple words they both are effective and can be used at any time in self-defence but if you would like me to choose between these two I will give more points to pepper spray as it is more hurtful and does not do any permanent damage and gives more time to escape. And in my recommendation, i would like to suggest 

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pepper spray

Things to consider while choosing between tasers and pepper spray:

  • Number of usages
  • Range 
  • Ingredients
  • Distance 
  • Portability
  • Effectiveness
  • Strength 
  • Price 

Here we tried to give you a small differentiation between two self-defence weapons. 

Now it depends on your requirement and purposes,

Both of them are non-lethal so you can choose between them according to your need.

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