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Will pepper spray break up a dog fight?

If you are wondering that anytime you are walking down a street with your dog and some of the powerful dogs come and get in a fight with your dog, what will you do? Will beating them with a stick be a good idea? Or would pepper spray on there be the safest option?

Give us this chance to explain about pepper spray and dogs,

Pepper sprays contain chilli molecules also known as OC, which is a very highly active heating agent.

But wait, there is a difference between pepper spray for humans and dogs, dog’s pepper spray is usually at very low intensity.

You can use regular pepper spray for big dogs like a mastiff, pitbull or german shepherd but for small dogs low intensity dog sprays are sufficient.

Yes, it is effective in breaking up a dog fight and can make your dog out of the dog easily, it will make a burning sensation in other dogs’ eyes and skin and they will be pawing their face on the ground or glass in meantime you can escape easily.

Pepper Spray
Commander Pepper Spray

Things to make sure of while using pepper spray to break up a Dog fight :

  • Make sure to keep the spray nozzle in the front direction
  • Check the wind and act accordingly
  • Wear a mask and plastic gloves, dispose of after use
  • Wash your clothes after 
  • Make sure your dog is ok and does not get contaminated 
  • Don’t go inside between fights, spray from a distance
  • Use a stick to avoid dogs coming for you

Pepper spray is the most effective and safest option for deterring an attacking wild dog without causing any permanent harm but pepper spraying a dog for fun is nothing but harassment and crime which can lead you to jail.

You should carry pepper spray if you walk in the woods or alone in the streets, it will prove to be the best weapon for your safety and being a price-friendly and non-lethal tool it makes it best for self-defenses in 2022.

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